for all life on our Earth 

A new venture in Powhatan: the true story of the life, the land and the people. 

Enslavement + Empowerment + Environment  

COVID-19 and today's global urgency for equity compels us to "rise up" and make our world a better remember the past stories so we can build a new history!

From the time of the Monacan People, thru the era of enslavement of millions of persons, thru the determination of African American families to educate their children, thru today's global realization that all life is interconnected... we know we can change things.  We can make a better world, through our committment to true equity for all LIFE.  We are called to do what we can locally, to create change globally.

"My daddy changed the whole world!"  Gigi Floyd, 2020.

And so we begin a new venture, CREATE A NEW HISTORY where change comes without such intense violence to our families. We CREATE a better way to gather TO CREATE a new STORY on our EARTH... where equity becomes the new normal for all life.