Rosemont House

     Rosemont House was built in 1892 by Mr. C.L. Dodd, the architect who designed St. Francis de Sales residential school for young African women.

     St. Katharine stayed with the Dodds as she made plans for the schools.  The young men's miitary school was in the adjoining property at Belmead.The Meacham family moved in the house in 1901. 

     Mr. Swift Williams became the owner in te 1960's.  He is so happy to be passing this great site on to a preservation for peace nonprofit!

     It is listed on the Virginia Landmark registry, the National Registry of Historic places, and the National Park Services.

     Rosemont is located across from the St, Francis entry road at the corner of Bell and Cosby Roads. It is surrounded by 56 acres of forest and open land.

     It's is an ideal gathering place for alumni, friends, community, youth and seniors.  This place has great potential to become a gathering place for ancestory research, storytelling, research and education!  

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