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Since the announcement that the property would be sold, Belmead on the James, Inc. has been working to develop alternative ways of preserving its history and mission.

Belmead on the James, Inc. (BOJI) has a rich treasury of stories, archives, and interested persons who wish to preserve the history and serve as stewards of the unique story of the Powhatan community.               


PRESERVING , PRESENTING PROGRAMING the STORY of land, its people, its natural gift of beauty and life is is indeed unique, inspiring and challenging. The story of our "Common Home" our Earth STORY is perhaps among the primary common global allenges of our human story today.     

We invite you to contact us by mail or email with your memories, thoughts and suggestions as we reframe the vision for a new Belmead on the James, Inc.  

                        Belmead on the James, Inc.

                        c/o Mrs. Geri Venable, Treasurer

                        4599 Cosby Road

                        Powhatan, Virginia 23139

Reframing Belmead on the James, Inc.