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OUR MISSION: To continue the quest for equity for all people and for environmental justice for all life..
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So we invite you to...

HELP US learn from the natural beauty and interconnectedness of our EARTH.

HELP US gather together people committed to equity, justice and peace for all.  

HELP US tell the story of St. Francis de Sales and St. Emma Military Academy.  HELP US record and research our local Powhatan African American history.

We believe that the preservation of the Powhatan STORY, will enrich present and future generations.  This African American story will address our shared global challenge of universal equity and determination. It is of utmost importance.


The Drexel-Morrell Center in Powhatan, Virginia, is a place of cultural, historical, spiritual, ecological, and educational values and history.  It is modelled and rooted in the legacy of St. Katharine Drexel and Colonel and Mrs. Edward Morrell.  This is a place where the resiliency of our human spirit can renew the face of our EARTH.


In a time when our country and the world have been rocked by vitriol and violence between different races, creeds and socioeconomic backgrounds; now more than ever, we need a place that speaks to our human potential for justice and healing. 

Our goal is to create a safe space to share and work collaboratively with those  who seek social and environmental justice for all endangered life on our EARTH.

 IF WE LOSE our stories 




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